Jwoyee's Yum Cha
23rd March 2013

After his initial Chinese New Year plans didn’t pan out, Jwoyee had us hooked with Plan B- yum cha!

Ah Ching looked like he was ready to damage some dim sums.

Kash was on hand to catch the bits that flew off the boy’s table.

I had to pause the camera to have a go at these.

Joshie was fashionably late.

Noel was on a strict calorie controlled diet.

Face off.

Li Mei holding onto Ah Ching.

These two hadn’t caught up in aaaages.

Ah Ching tried Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #3...

And promptly had to be taken away for a nappy change.

Joshie looking concerned.

Oi, where have the parents run off to?


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