Mazdaratti Cruise
24th February 2013

After many attempts, we finally got the Mazdaratti and Friends Cruise rolling.

We kicked off proceedings a tad later than the usual performance driving cruises.

Rob and K-Rad had to wait around for Mordac’s costume change.

Mordac got a bit carried away on the run up the hill and overshot the first stop.

BJ and BK.

You would do this too if you had RE-050As.

Back together again.

Heading up to the lookout.

For the first time in a few cruises, the views weren’t hiding behind fog.

It was strictly Mazda parking only at the breakfast stop.

We waited for the food to come to the monkey with the unfortunate pole.

Mordac actually got tea with the hot water this time!

I went for some driving breakfast.

Photographers also have the breakfast of drivers it seemed.

K-rad again went for something more left field.

Back to the bottom- we’d brake tested our way down the hill having been stuck behind slow motorbikes and retirees in old four wheel drives. I have no idea why people use slow cars on sealed roads.

The cars were lined up in descending order of wheel size.

the cloud cover made for good cruising weather.

Vaughan got busy with the V8.

The turbo was missing.

The old ZM-DE 1.6 straight 4.

The SLRs came out at Sommerset Dam.

K-Rad was adamant that we could claim CPD points for the cruise...

The Armco got crowded.

Where to next?

K-Rad hurled a stone...

And bent the sign!

The Protege had exactly 25% of the power of the RS4.

We hit the road again for a bit to head into Toogoolawah.

The beer garden.

It wasn’t noon yet, but the pub was open and there was nothing else to do in town.

K-Rad was assigned a challenge.

Call the fire department, I’m stuck.

With its flared arches, notch running along the boot and crease line along its sides, the RS4 looked like a Protege clone on growth hormones...

We were on the road again. I think this was a temporary leg stretcher at Yarraman.

In Gordon territory! We must have doubled the town population that morning.

We hit a few of the local antique stores.

I could work with that.

The old church pews also caught my eye.

Guess who ran out of fuel first?

We eventually found the lunch stop.

But we got there just as the kitchen was shutting down. I will have to check out Platform 9 soon.

We walked around the old railway station after lunch.

The last train had left this station a long time ago.

The slow way out of Toowoomba (almost as slow as the oldies in the 4WDs).

The ride down the hill saw the convoy get hit by torrential rain. I thought we’d lost Vaughan, but all were accounted for at the end back where it all started all those hours ago.

The MXs and MPS’ need to come out next year, gents!


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