Part 2: LiquiMoly 12 hour
10th February 2013

Orright, now that we’ve dealt with the social programme, it was time to get on with the racing.

The day had an eerie start. It felt like a spring morning and there was that certain chill that reminded me of a Bathurst 1000 morning.

The boys chowed down breakfast quickly.

We headed to the pits for the start.

That’s how the Lamborghini guys got firing on all cylinders.

Audi and Porsche didn’t start up the pointy end of the grid.

The Italia was simply stunning.

The Hackett SLS was on pole.

The lead SLS and the lead Audi were a few rows behind.

Almost set for a warm up lap.

The field got going on their formation lap.

I was going for the Clearwater Racing Ferrari.

See y’all in 12 hours.

The mountain was just waking up.

An old GT4 GT-R.

There were plenty of Class B GT3s... These just didn’t have the pace of the legitimate GT3 cars.

Tony Quinn’s GT3-R 911 looked at home.

We had fog to add to the cold start to the race.

My boys were leading early on.

Danger and I left the pit building to check out the cars flashing past along the main straight.

There was a race within a race and some of the 1 Hour race competitors started to come in. But I think some of the Ginettas DNF-ed.

The ever green RX-7. They should have an age limit on the cars being entered.

How’s this for an expensive shot?

A spare Supercopa Seat Leon.

I found the wheels to the Seat, but not the engine.

The front end of the Mosler with the rest of it missing.

Some mechanics take their work seriously...

And others don’t.

Virtually everyone was running Michies on the track.

The Hackett SLS at Hell Corner.

Bernd Schneider was not far behind.

Lowndesy’s car didn’t have a beautiful paintjob like his cars from the 2 previous years.

Hughie and Joe at our bacon and egg stop.

I got me a hat!

We crammed into the Subaru and headed to the top of the hill.

The view at McPhillamy was amazing.


That was John Bowe crashing the il Bello Rollo Italia after trying to overtake a Supercopa.

The little Peugeots looked disgusting.

The R8 LMS Ultras were the pick of the Audis.

BYO shade- Danger was pressed up against the fence.

The Herridge WRX did a face plant at McPhillamy.

I loved the paint job on this GT3.

This GT4 Exige had a real homemade diffuser. I was glad when it eventually broke off later in the race.

BMW hasn’t made a good looking car since the E36s with the exception of the E92 and this E92 335i was the winner of the 2007 12 Hour.

Both Mercedes’ had dull paint jobs. It’s almost as if the team conceded that their cars weren’t as sexy as the Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Ferraris.

Being a VW Golf underneath, the Supercopas had my attention all day.

The Italias screamed up the mountain.

Mok Sun Weng’s car had the sexiest paintjob of all. At this point in the race, Matt Griffin had managed to smash the splitter off.

Danger at McPhillamy.

Watch out! French mobile chicane...

The Gallardo lp560 lifting its skirt.


This Supercopa was disguised as an Alfa.

No camera will be able to properly capture the drop past Skyline.

The really quick guys do the right-left sequence quicker than my Ixus could process.

An M3 and an Aston from the GT4 category.

The GPS was not working in this R8.

The rear end of this thing was on weight loss mode.

Mal Rose’s bastardised Commodore was the first V8 Supercar that Jamie Whincup drove in his debut year.

Getting up close with the LMS Ultra.

With about an hour to go, we headed back down to the Chase.

The rains hit and very quickly those on slicks wound up on the back of the tilt trays.

We lost plenty of laps behind the safety car.

The Mark Eddy and Phoenix Racing Ultras.

The storm was of biblical proportions.

Once we had bashed in more pegs on our tents, and tied down as much of the camp site as possible, we raced to the top of the pits for the last 10 minutes.

I missed the winning SLS, but I managed to get the Hackett SLS as it flashed past the Erebus blokes.

Erebus rocked up to see their drivers claim the team’s biggest win to date.

Mok Sun Weng, Matt Griffin and Craig Baird picked up second in the Italia.

Bern Schneider made it look too easy.

Regular AMG drivers were on loan to Erebus and Jager, Rolof and Schneider blew away the locals that day.

Champagne time!

We left the pit lane to greet the cars as they returned to the paddocks.

The whole place looked like a Porsche used car yard.

Clearly the 0.05 rule isn’t enforced at the track.

The Exige with the stupid diffuser was taken out by the Hackett SLS.

2nd hand tyres, hardly used.

The car that should have won.

This was one of the final races for Clearwater in the Ferrari. By the time Bathurst was over, they had already picked up their MP4 12C GT3s to defend their Asia GT3 title.


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