PCQ Hill Climb
22nd September 2012

It was the post-40th birthday bash like no other. The cake and candles were missing, but the presence of a bunch of serious Porsches more than made up for it at the Porsche Club of Queenslandís motorsport meet at Mt Cotton.

We were lost in the morning looking for the MG Car Clubís hill climb circuit.

We had overtaken Clint on the way to Mt Cotton, but he got to the track before us.

Dave took the early birds for a guided tour of the track.

Swing left here!

Dave bumped Mr T over to demonstrate how taily his car would get at the first corner.

Looking down to the start line.

The instructions were to hug the inside fence.

More bits to hug.

The start of the first drop.

The hairpin for the second climb.

The second hill didnít seem as steep. You had to decide what gear you wanted to come down the hill in and use it for the climb as well.

It was just as narrow though.

You had to let the car drift out wide here on the run down.

Hairpin inspection.

We had a few more jump in for the flying finish.

And that was the slowest lap of the day.

The Motorsport Director could not participate as per PCQ rules.

A slightly non-standard 964.

A 2.7 RS replica.

Mr Tís stocko 911T.

Daveís awesome 997 series II GT3 RS.

The driver debrief happened much later than I had anticipated.

Mr Tís helmet was not quite like the Stigís.

Ready to roll.

The 914 was indeed slow. It almost couldnít make it up the hill.

The BMW lined up behind the GT3 RS at the start.

That used to be an E36 BMW.

Joining the GT3 RS set was this 996.

Looking cruisey.

Another slightly non-stock 911- a 930 this time.

The RS dragged its way to the start.

Turn 1 exit.

Turn 1 entry.

Heading up the hill.

The 911T having its Australian motorsport debut.

The run up the first hill.


The final run into the hairpin.

This was not the first time the brakes were locked.

The 914 was probably down on two cylinders.

The polised turbo wheels looked sexy on the replica.

Cooling off.

I am not a fan of old cars updated to look like a new one.

This guy was a stickler for the running order, not that anybody else was following it.

Mr T. lined up for run #2.

No tail out action here.

Not quite hugging the top of the second hill.

The run down.

The E36 looked spectacular, but must have been a pain to drive.

The 964 was very quick.

A cleaner line on the second hill.

Dave rushing up the second hill.

Clint in the GT3.

The replica.

The one with the confused bodykit.

The top of the first hill reminded me a bit of McPhillamy at Bathurst.

The run up to the finish.

The 996 RS unloaded its suspension.

The 997 RS followed.

The final run up for Dave. The 997 GT3 was the quickest car with a time in the mid 40s.

Mr Tís final run was also his fastest (around 56 seconds).

There were plenty of half slides on the morning, but Scottís full 360 without collecting the wall would have to be the play of the day!


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