Spring Cruise
16th September 2012

Spring was a very busy period for automotive activities and the Spring Cruise ensured that we kicked off the season with a large carbon footprint.

Under the bridge was the rendezvous point- 911 was missing.

The mighty Mazda and the RS were on hand to wake up the locals though.

We opted for a Le Mans style start- I just didnít tell the rest.

These two found the theory part of the morning a bit boring.

Not decaf.

Spirits lifted once the food arrived. We were the first ones in at the earliest opening Beaudesert cafe.

Not something you see everyday- we started to get the feeling that Mr. T was holding out on us.

The RS looked great in the morning sun.

The next stop was Tamrookum.

We didnít actually go into the church. I should have called up ahead to see if anyone was gonna be around.

Sunday best.

K-Rad parked the RX-8 like it was a Countach.

Looking towards Mt Lindsay.

The turn off to Lions Road.

We let the brakes cool after the first lot of hills.

Altogether again.

We had a lot of hard braking zones into 90 degree river crossings.

More than a babbling brook.

More crossings.

Mordac pulled over to make sure that he wasnít going around in circles.

Mordac and K-Rad exchanged notes, but not keys.

Nothing says NSW more than traffic cameras.

We chipped in for the road maintenance fund.

I wonder if the folk here know that in the US, Golfs are called Rabbits.

The sign was old enough to have a few missing letters.

Anyone else getting a Julie Andrews feeling?

Steph knew which side sheíd rather be on.

But, having climbed the hill, we had to do the brake test back down.

I wonder what the min penalty is.

We did out takes too!

The Golf bled when this bug hit it.

We went on the border walk looking for the railway line.

Structural failure.

We walked around estimating how much these trees would be worth on the black market.

Found the railway.

Steph photoshopped onto the river bank...

The RS was ready to make tracks to Kyogle.

More railway.

We pulled up to this cafe in the middle of nowhere for morning tea.

K-Rad went crazy with the black and white shots, but Clinton was the first to get this shed Instagrammed.

This shot really needed a UFO.

Mordacís pot of tea was originally just a pot of hot water!

And just as we were heading back on the road, the 356 Club rocked up with some eye candy.



We pulled up to the middle of Kyogle and did a quick tour of the town.

First stop was the T-shirt museum.

Donít visit the place for another 6 months folks...

This was the four of us sitting around without a beer.

From a town with no beer, it was time to hit a town with grass- after a slight detour.

Iím not sure whether they wanted a holographic sign but just ran out of money.

The lunch stop.

Steph guarded against anyone chip-taxing her.

K-Rad was convinced that his chips were walking away.

Mordac had ordered munchies.

The main drag looked way too bright to be properly hippy.

Fine alliteration.

And the sooner kids learn the maths of getting rich, the sooner they get to join the 356 Club!

The museum was definitely worth the admission price.

Kombi abuse!

Back on the road and on the way to the Tweed Valley.

This was the final stop before we all scooted up the M1.

We always seem to get 1 SP23 for the Spring Cruises.

K-Rad was again the only one with an electric car.

I reckon every Audi RS with the 4.2 V8 should come with a matching V8 coffee table with a carbon fibre base and Go-Jak trolleys.

I slid in to see if the shoe fitted.

It was a bit tight, but not tight enough to prevent Mordac from throwing me out...

See yíall for the Mazdaratti Cruise gang!

This had nothing to do with the cruise, but I had Tees Mar Khan playing in the background and Sheela Ki Jawaani is an awesome bit of choreography.


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