2012 Winter Cruise
24th June 2012

The 2012 Winter Cruise saw a modified re-run of the first cruise. 4 cars fronted up to maximise the cold start.

I try and get a cruise started off at a BP. The worst thing about driving long distances is getting to a country town with no RON98.

Mr T and Precious were first in.

Sam joined us soon after. I had sent the message about John not being able to join us to the wrong Sam...

K-Rad joined us north of the border.

It was not yet time for breakfast, we still had some kays to cover.

Can you spot the pig on the side of the road?

We whizzed by the Glasshouse Mountains.

At the start of one my favourite roads.

One of Preciousí too!

We chased down the 911 in the MPS.

Time to cool off the brakes.

The warmest part seemed to be at the back of the RX8.

We pulled over to figure out how hungry everyone was.

Overlooking Caloundra.

K-Rad powered on to Maleny.

The RX8 headed the snake.

We had just gotten into town, but Mr T was ready for a Le Mans-style start.

Standard cruise breakfast.

The rains had started for our run to Kenilworth.

I was in the driverís seat in the Porsche hoping that Mr T would be strictly following the keeping to the left convention.

Sliding in to a left hander.

We stopped to cool the brakes once we descended into the valley.

This is what K-Rad must have been doing before rear vision mirrors were invented.

The boys checked out the spare steering wheel in the 911.

The 260C about the tear up the next hill.

I was in the RX-8 for the run into Kenilworth.

Sunroof wind could not dislodge K-Radís gelled up hair.

Ah, another BP moment.

This was our last drinks stop before morning tea.

Thatís the Ēdid I just hit the other car?Ē look.

It was an interesting ride in the 260!

We then had the steep climb to the top of the range.

K-Rad tried to leave tyre marks.

Sam was last up.


The left hand was poised for gear changes.

The engine oil was given a work out on the climb.

Tyres were tested too.

The boys played hide and seek with K-Radís engine.

It turned out that the RX-8 was powered by an alternator.

On top of the world!

What do they mean by low gear, 4th or 5th?

We improvised a car park once we completed the climb.

The line up at the dam.

The Mazdas looked massive next to the oldies.

There could have been stray cats and dogs trapped in the gaping hole in the front of the 260.

There wasnít much flow 4 years ago!

You are here.

K-Rad head butted the 911ís roof.

Mazda love putting the intercooler in the wrong spot!

A more cooperative line up.

Sam made a mental note of all the warranty claims he needs to put in.

The 911 was self-insured.

It was bizarre seeing one of Preciousí cars with its wheels on.

K-Rad and his self-managed super fund.

On the run up to get out of the rain.

It was warm and dry and had enough empty spots to fit us all in.

A room with a view.

Our plan to get down to Peachester was messed up by closed roads, so we followed the 260 to Nambour.

The MPS chased down the RX-8

K-Rad tried to lose us.

I was back in the 911 for run to Eudlo.

Precious was once again the lead car.

Image stabilisation couldnít keep up with the swinging 260.

Not much body roll here.

The Eudlo pump station.

We then traced the painfully slow journey south via the Bruce Highway and met up at the Albion Pub for lunch.

Where to next, gents?


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