Williams x 2 x 30
14th April 2012

Three weeks late we were in getting the celebration under way, but so big was the number that a bit of rounding error was more than tolerable. The Williams boys had hit 30!

Kash could foresee a Senna session coming up in the following week.

Prathab explained to Kristina why First Blood was the best movie ever.

Renu whipped up a meat with three veg style dinner.

Shifty Flash Gordon-ed himself to a seat at the table.

The boys then got their 3 sparklers as we belatedly sang their 30th happy birthday song.

Prathab couldn’t believe how long the sparkler kept burning for.

Kash got to chop it up.

And it required a bit of concentration!

One slice for Kash…

And the rest was for Prathab.

Renu and Kev only had crumbs left.

And we whiled away the evening telling old-man jokes!

Happy 30th, Gents!


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