Dingo's 1st Birthday With Us
10th September 2011

Dingo’s turned 25… This was rather suspicious as we’ve never been to one of his parties before, so we got a hold of his driver’s license just be sure before joining in on his South Bank dinner.

We could have been in the far east…

But a local face guided us to our end of the table.

The Time Traveller and his fiancée.

Best of mates.

Wy turned his pizza into a calzone.

Wy doing a beaver impression.

Cue the song.

There was a risk that the heat from all the candles could melt the cake.

Well, the lungs still worked.

A 25th really needs 2 cakes to be celebrated properly.

That’s how you take a photo of a glass of water!

This is not what it looks like…


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