Springbrook Cruise
12th June 2011

A rainy day can sometimes be the best sort of day to hit the road as it tends to keep the tourists off the road.

Where is everybody? The Golf cut a loney figure in the wee hours of the morning of the 12th of June as I waited for the rest of the boys to show up.

And they rolled in!

Headlights! Check…

Drivers! Check…

I lead the way down the M1 to our first special stage- the run up the hill for sunrise.

Daktarr Saar used this to wake up the residents.

The Duchess was first car up.

I got to the top and did a bit of loop to locate my preferred viewing spot.

Mordac had an unfair advantage that day with his Quattro.

The salesman had told Daktarr Saar that Ferrari built this Maser, so he started looking for the engine at the back.

We eventually found it at the other end, all four thousand seven hundred cubic centimetres of it.

Goooooooood morning Gold Coast!

The first session of talking shit.

The Duchess pointed out that his now eight year old camera had a feature that none of our newer cameras had- film!

Breakfast was high on the agenda and we headed down to Kirra beach where the CBD was blocked off and was taken over by old cars.

But we first had to get our teas and coffees in.

Mordac, the other Mordac and Daktarr Saar.

Made for the times when you have to go, but don’t have the time to go.

The toilet on wheels came with a matching car.

A Joker inspired Chev.

My kind of Dub.

I do not condone this sort of thing.

But enough of old cars, time to get back to modern technology. Our next run was into the Little Nerang Dam.

Kev got our his bird watching gear.

It bucketed down. Who would have ever though that the rains would actually fall in a Queensland damn?

The water level was just on the limit.

Did I mention that it was cold?

The boys dashed back into the cars.

I watched everyone roll out.

What’s that pissing sound? Daktarr Saar used his keen hearing to monitor his tyre pressures…

Or lack thereof…

We pulled into the Worongary Caltex to sort out the tyre situation.

Kev arrived at the lunch stop sans driver and car!

Had Daktaar Saar been late enough, we might have even got to meet the Party Crew.

But we downed our steaks and climbed back up to go check out Purlingbrook Falls.

Our goal was to get down there, not that the boys knew it at that time.

Say cheese.

Then the march started.

Looking eastward.

The second waterfall.

This works better with crocodiles.

We lost the Duchess on the first set of downward steps.

I’d say something interesting here if I knew something about plants.

The second waterfall had carved out a gap on the exposed rock.

We made it!

The noise was even more impressive at ground zero.

I can’t begin to imagine how long it has taken for the crater to get that big.

We then started going behind the waterfall.

Couldn’t see a thing.

Tree pusher Kev.

We had almost completed the loop back to the top of the waterfall.

By this time the Maser had been fixed and it was back in time for tea.

Mordac’s engine was so covered up that it looked like it was wearing a Footy Show sumo wrestling fat suit.

Having been the only man to read the pre-cruise instructions, the Duchess brought along a thermos.

Mordac had to settle for what the coffee shop could pump out.

A generation older- the hat was from the MkV era.

Our final stop was to the Best of All lookout.

But there were various temptations along the way.

Now, how do I get back down?

The lookout was situated smack bang at the midpoint of a semicircular ridge.

The cruise crew.

The atmosphere was thick.

Men in the mist…


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