Last of the F-111s
12th February 2011

The RAAF has now pensioned off its collection of F-111s after 37 years of service so Danger and I decided to visit the ‘Swich to check out the jet’s farewell exhibition.

Tight squeeze. Definitely no cup holders in this old design.

The entire cockpit assembly can be blasted off the plan if it’s all gone bad.

The cockpit parachute was a recycled Indian flag.

I could use a model like this at my place.

Just needs a bit of flames.

Like that!

Doesn’t this look like it was painted by the current McLaren team?

A valve block that even Marky-Mark would have been proud of.

The turbine blades were keyed into the rotor.

The intake side of the engine.

The bit where the burning happens.

The bit where the flame comes out of.

Danger dressed up for the occasion.

What they did before they had satnav.

I guessed that the heads up displays were all newer retrofits to the F1-11.

But it still managed to look old.

The floor pedals and emergency door release.

And this part was an analogy for the rest of the plane- simple, yet extremely complex.

I will miss the F-111’s dump and burns at River Fire…


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