GnR Boy's Panthal Kaal
13th November 2010

On the Saturday after Dad’s arrival, we kicked off the next two ceremonies. This one covers the planting of the panthal kaal.

Sticks of turmeric ready to be tied.

The now familiar set up was all good to go outside.

Aunty Sash and Periapps lighting the lamps.

Periamma washing the kalyana murunggai branch brought by Uncle Mano.

Aunty Ammu’s turn.

Aunty Sumathi was next.

Aunty Dewi was also called upon.

Aunty Sash and Jikka rounded off the collection of women needed for the ceremony.

Manjal time. The branch was first covered in turmeric paste.

Vibuthi and kum kum powder were next.

One by one, the ladies tied turmeric to the branch.

Quality control inspectors.

Jikka’s turn.

Ma got to tie one too.

Aunt Sash got the last one.

And up she went.

In one smooth motion the panthal kaal was up and ready to be planted…

Into a pot conveniently located a couple of feet away.

Looks professional, doesn’t it?

Dad cracking a coconut.

Ma praying.

Jikks doing the same. Each aunt also had to disperse nine fast growing seeds at the base of the tree. The branch of the moringa tree and the nine seeds represent fertility and prosperity.

Aunty Dewi got to hand out the trays.

Periamma, Aunty Ammu, Aunty Sumathi, Jikka, Ma, Aunty Dewi, Aunty Sash, Granma and Puchong Granma with the Panthal Kaal.

The tree and I.

Jeeves and Sars managed to keep out of trouble that morning.

Another shot.

Looking to the mountains to the east of Uncle Ambs’ house.

Brunch was curry puffs and string hoppers.

And it looked like Granma approved of the final outcome.


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