Lena's Coming of Age Ceremony
15th of August 2010

The 15th of August was not exactly the moment when Lenatchi came of age, but it was a good choice of date to ensure that all the relevant aunts could be around to get the ceremony up and running.

Are we there yet? The boys were lounging around whilst waiting for the Lenatchi to get ready.

And out she came in her first saree.

Lead down to the ceremony by her maamaa.

The non-halal section of the lounge room was transformed for the ceremony.

Lena made her way in.

Take a seat.

Aunty Hema started off the proceedings.

All the paternal aunties were next and Periamma continued the spinning of things around Lena.

Mum's turn.

Tapping the shoulder.

Kitch and the ladies looking on.

Aunty Dewi with the ammi kallu.

Lena had a her forehead totally covered by the time it was Jiks' turn to do the honours.

Round 1.

Aunty Sash doing the weight lifting.

Aunty Fierce kicked off the rounds to be done by the maternal aunties.

Aunty Anu.

Kitch doing a Chinese pose.

Aunty Anu again, but sporting a slightly different style to the other aunties.

Aunty Kali planting a pottu.

Spinning the coconut.

Aunty La was last out.

The next event on the card was the pancake shake.

The girl was first loaded up.

Then forced to shake 'em off.

All done.

Jumping through the garland.

Periamma blessing Lena.

Jiks blessing Lena.

Aunty Hema loaded up Lena with sweets.

And she promptly ran off with the tray!


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