NV 2010, Part 3
3rd July 2010

Excuse me, do you know which it is to NV2010, Part 3? I arrived at the Sofitel with Renu and the folks just as the groom was about to walk in.

Shifty did a final count of his troupe.

Prasanthi with Aunty Mala.

Renukha and I.

The door was guarded by a Vinayakar. The little usher girls were all missing in action.

In came the groom’s side.

With the groom in the middle!

Please be seated.

The music saw out a prompt to the first of the ceremonies.

The drummer was around to keep the trumpeter honest.

Spiderman had hit the ceiling.

Fellas, what’s going on?

Fergy and I.

Eva paid attention at what was her first attendance to a Hindu wedding.

Tea light kuttu vilakku.

Shifty with the bride’s maid and best man.

Knock, knock..

Aunty Sheela’s gang had a good seat.

Aunty Susi and Uncle Jaya.

And when the little lights came in, we knew it was time for the bride to make her entrance.


Jaswinder and Renu.

Armpit action!

Jai had thought that all his birthdays had come at once when he blew out the candles, but his dad was on hand to keep the flames burning.

Orright, lets do a quick poll. Has anyone seen Vibs so serious before?

On went the ring.

Shifty and Vibs.

Ash had front row tickets.

The mandap borrowed heavily on a temple look.

Uncle Billy and Aunty Sose were on hand to be the boy’s reps.

This is the bit where the ceremony stepped up a gear and more people got called in.

Just in time for Mr & Mrs. Daktarr Saar to make an appearance.

Tara seeking clarification.

The priest read out the specifications of the wedding.

Aunty Vasanthi and Uncle Raasan about to give away their daughter.

The slips cordon ready for the catch.

Vibs thinking about her next costume change. It was soon time for the halftime break.


Ooh, aren’t Eos’ just brilliant?

DJ and J.

Andy and Mudge.

Karen and Noel worked the halftime crowd.

The Triple J family with a new addition.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Is there a doctor in the house, again?

Shona and Shankari.

It was going to be game on again as soon as Nish fixed up the bride’s outfit.

Kaavel lined up along the red carpet.

Vibs in her final avatar.

Shifty and Vibs in the home run.

That’s lookin’ like a tied knot.

But that didn’t mean that the ceremonies had come to an end yet. They still had the games!

The bit that was censored.

Aunty Pat watching over the proceedings.

Almost man and wife- one last little bit to go.

The walk!

But by 1930, it was a done deal!

The ponnu thozhi and maapillai thozi.

Uncle Sara and Aunty Mala on their way to say hi to the newlyweds.

This time around, Nige’s cousin did not wind up matching Renu’s saree.

Orright, nearly done! One more event to go guys!


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