Rolling Pin Warrior
24th March 2010

Dazza and Luke recently bought Mel a rolling pin for her birthday and she figured that the best way to break it in was by throwing a pizza party.

We weren't taking shortcuts with the dough, Mel made the bases from scratch.

Daz got stuck into the sauce.

The tomato base again was a Mel special.

Dazza's first take was a pineapple supreme.

The first one out of the oven was a Hawaiian.

My pizza was very practical- it maximised tray coverage and used up two different types of cheeses.

The Mich' taste test.

Mel's deck again was the scene for chow down.

Dazza's pizza.

I was on quality control for the remainder of the evening.

My pizza finally popped out of the oven.

Enough! I think we all overdid our respective pizza quota that night.

But, there was space for dessert. I started off the dessert pizza with crushed Cherry Ripe and a mixture of different berries.

And washed it all down with an affogato.

Mel tar-pao-ed the leftovers for us.

Rolling pin warrior!

And I thought that the rolling pin was so good that it had to go straight to the pool room.


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