Clem7 Tunnel Run

The tunnels under Brisbane are complete and to celebrate, BCC held a 10km run for a lucky 5000 Brisbanites to get the first thorough look in.

I had set my alarm for 4am so that I would have time to make it to the start line to soak up a bit of pre-race atmosphere, but I managed to sleep right through to 5am!

The crowds were still funneling into the starting area as I was coming up.

And there were more behind me too.

I can't show you a close up of the hat, there were waaaay too many Parsons Brinkerhoff and AECOM logos on it.

How's that for an awning?


From the start, we started to head down a steep gradient.

It was good to know that if I didn't feel like going the distance, there was one of these every 120m.

Once we had gone past the Valley, it was time to cross the Brisbane River.

I was paddling the river in a kayak last weekend and I was right underneath it this weekend!

Where's the finish line?

By the 2km mark, I was tired already.

Fork in the road- We didn't get to check out the Shafston Ave exit.

I could see the light! We must have been near the turning marker.

It was a very overcast looking Brisbane once we came out of the tunnel.

The path to the finish line saw us head into the northbound tunnel.

This is about the time I felt my body break. Having only done distances of about 6 or 7km in the lead up to this, my endurance wasn't where I wanted it to be.

I love the way the light beamed in as we rounded the final corner.

I could see the finish!


Fellow KBRers (who were miles quicker than me too).

One of 5000!

And just to round off the story, here's when Joji and I went and saw the tunnels being started


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