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19th December 2009

After a lazy Sunday, we all went to a steamboat place for dinner.

Ramesh was appointed the bar keep to keep the toddy cocktails flowing.

There was a line up pretty flash kiddy cars at the BSV on Monday.

All of Tuesday was spent catching up on the Indian things and the afternoon featured a trip to Ilayathalapathi Vijay's new movie Vettaikaaran.

Wednesday saw me blow five hours on a bus headed to Singapore. The weather in S'pore was extremely variable.

I rocked up to John and Koks' house by lunch. Last minute touches for Christmas were being sorted out.

Jo-Jo and Keish moments before the attack began.

The afternoon was spent shopping. Koks' covered eyes shopping style might explain her interesting colour choices.

Only in Singapore... I doubt that Schumacher's kids got these baby seats.

Robinsons was swishly decorated.

Orchard Road looked like one big Christmas tree.

Light sabres!

I hit the East-West line to head over to the Pangster's new place.

This would have looked so different had the curtains been installed.

The view to the city.

Dinner was a multi-round affair that spanned several locations. Firstly we were at the Eunos food court for me to get my first hit of wonton noodles for this trip.

Pang moved to dessert at the next place- a Hong Kong style cafe.

I went for some dumplings before getting my dessert.

Christmas morning at Koks' place saw Jo-Jo taking a bunch of phone calls in the early morning.


The John Family Quartet...

I then met up with the Woodlands crew for lunch by the Straits of Johor. The only deadline for the remainder of the day was to make it in time for the Chrismas dinner back at Koks' place.

It was her! Saturday was spent checking out Avatar 3D and being trapped at the Ang Mo Kio food court due to torrential rains.

Jo-Jo trying to remember what she ordered. Once the kids were fed, the oldies got ready to hit the town.

Singapore Sling!

By early Sunday morning, I was again back on the bus.

Breakfast on Monday was Connaught-style yum cha. I think that the Malaysian Chinese version of yum cha is a little messed up. Too many dishes were fried or featured sauces that were too sweet.

Kitch and Lenatchi were on hand to help out with the ordering.

I finally got to check out some of the new music and these two make the 2009 honours list:

Aunt Sash to the rescue. We crammed everyone in for a lunch run to Bangsar on Tuesday.

'Vek going through the finer points of knee reconstructions.

The place did good mojitos.

Chobz's order filled up the table!

Wednesday as spent walking about town. Walking is a foreign concept to a lot of Malaysians.

Are we there yet?

I liked what AmBank had done with their building.

Me and Kitch at Uncle Amb's place.

New Year's Eve was spent splashing about the Sunway Lagoon. We had to catch the train to get there though.

Lenatchi silently plotting the day's activities.

The Sunway lion.

The girls signing on for the first ride- the flying fox!

I found my way onto the bridge for the sream shots.

Kitch was first off.

Lenatchi's scream was the loudest.

Chobz was actually very quiet.

We did quite a few things like shoot at things with guns, arrows, splash around some water and crash boats.

Surprisingly running around the lagoon did not seem to tire the girls to the same extent as the walk around town we did earlier.

Chobz and Lenatchi at a sushi joint.

The girls hit the ice for the first time in their lives later that afternoon.

Kitch seemed to get the hang of the process.

But there was a lot of butt-planting as well.

A new friend, Kitch?

Kat-Kat and John at Aunt Sash's dinner to bring in 2010.

There were enough dishes that the second round looked completely different to the first one.

The final night in KL saw us all go for a Chinese banquet. Aunty S was in charge of mixing and matching the dishes.

Kat-Kat with Granma.

Kitch and 'Vek.

Uncle Lings and Aunty S.

Uncle Nada and Aunty Sumangala.

I guess this was as good as anything shot to wrap up the pics for this eating holiday.


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