2009 SuperGP
25th October 2009

For my 29th, Fergy and Miss Karen got me a Sunday ticket to the SuperGP. For the first time in the event’s 19-year history, I was going to the Indy. This was also going to be the first time the race was to be run for A1-GP cars, but they were confirmed to be a no-show at the last minute.

Where am I? I parked well away from the track and got bussed in.

The Super Falcon. The Bowdens came stepped up to the plate when it became clear that the V8s were going to be the main show for the event. They shipped in a few of their classics to run around for the bits where the V8s were not on the track.

Norm Beechey’s GTS.

Moffat’s Trans-Am Mustang.

The beautifully restored JPS Schnitzer 635CS.

How sexy do those BBSs look?

Brock’s ’79 Bathurst winning A9X. I wonder if it counts as a hot hatch.

DJ’s Kermit.

Even though the XE was a wide car, it wasn’t wide enough to fit in all the tyres.

The best touring car of all time? This would have to be the most evolved Group A RS500 in the world.

From the old V8 pits housing the Bowden collection, I could pit lane.

The Falken chix had grippy outfits.

I headed to what used to be called Honda Hairpin. Here’s Rusty rounding the last turn.

The 2009 HRT cars had a crap paintjob.

Now that’s what a sexy car looks like.

My boys greatly improved the look of our cars for the round that came from the start of the endurance races.

Here’s Courtney at the entry to the hairpin.

These two lazed about on the bonnet of a Lotus all day long.

The classics went out prior to the V8s.

The pits were far more cramped than what I was used to at the permanent tracks.

Girls with tools.

Has anyone seen my tyre?

Boy was I glad that this team folded. Dodgy was too good a term for them.

Junior Johnson looking at some bumps.

I can’t remember if this was the FPR brake rack.

If you guessed that this door belonged to Perkins Jnr, you’d be right.

The BigPond girls near the pits.

The Stone Brothers.

I don’t think that these two were sisters, but we can pretend…

These three worked on the slop and slap.

The Roulettes were brought in to get the race started.


Two of the Jim Beam crew.

By the time the race got under way, I made my way to the first chicane.

This point of the track was perfect for close up pics.

I like the colour, but the rest of the combo was pretty poor.

Richo’s FPR Ford.

The Whincup Ford.

The elder Davison had a better time than his brother.

She must just attract trouble.

Further down I found the Mini pits… And you know what that means…

Mini girls.

It all looks so serene from a far.

This is one way to make rum smooth.

Bright’s Ford looking remarkably intact towards the end of the first race

Michelle waving goodbye- this was one of her final performances with the XXXX Angels.


About turn…

I camped out by the Fosters Chicanes for the 2nd race.

Frosty was too quick all weekend.

The Miss Indy girls were thin on the ground.

But they all started popping out as the race went on.

Frosty on the last lap.

All the cars back in the pits.

My first V8 round where my boys came out on top!

Thanks Fergy and Karen!


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