V8SC, Qld Raceway, Sunday
23rd August 2009

For Sunday I had a backup photographer, Jimmy! Now all those close up shots are courtesy of his SLR.

Even though we missed the early morning on-track activities due to our sit down breakfast in the ’Swich, we were in time for qualifying. This was Lowndesy’s car being pushed out of its garage for the first time that day.

The FPR cars were already out.

Further down the lane was Tim Slade’s car.

Well, we were in the ’Swich. All you gotta do to make the shot look more authentic would be to replace the stands with some concrete blocks.

The Historics had their run early and were back in the paddocks. This Porsche was again proving troublesome.

Finger chopper in motion.

We suddenly got the urge for pizza as we walked towards the sports car paddock.

I don’t know what that is, or why it looks so ugly, but you can buy it with 600 horsepower.


The weather dwarf! Channel 7 weather chick, Grant Denyer, in the DJR BF driving back into the paddock.

The sans bumper look only really worked with the 356 Speedsters…

The Power Cruise girls looked like they just came from a drag meet.

And the Bottle-O girls fell out of a catalogue…

I got my programme signed by Gentleman Jim at Dim’s store.

Pizza anyone?

Ford really hammed up the defection of Triple Eight to the evil side. Tr888tors!

And we were off and qualifying. They use a knockout system in the category and the goal was to get to the final 10.

Triple Eight on Kelly Racing.

Jimmy was in his element.

After the first session fo quali, the organizers had to pander to the need of the crowd to breathe in some more carcinogens.

About the only rare FPV car you can buy- the BF Cobra. But seriously, paying a six figure sum for a Falcon is just silly.

We walked along the back straight to pay the XXXX Retreat a visit.

Crossing throttle bodies. We were back in the paddock and went around to see the Fujitsu Series cars.

There’s absolutely zero brake innovation in this category. Everyone has to run the same thing and they aren’t are advance as what you can buy for some road cars!

That’s a Toyota engine… In a Lotus! A 80K car uses the same engine as a 20K hatchback…

These reminded me of the Sydney Opera House.

DJR had the nicest looking engine bays.

Check out those individual air plenums for each bank of the V8.

Smile Tony.

The Bottle-O chick reminded us that we needed to get back to the XXXX Retreat!

We had timed it perfectly to be on hand for one of the XXXX Angels’ routines.

Here are a few happy snaps for those who can’t access YouTube.

And they are off!

Paying attention you lot?

Ebony’s definitely up there to be equal-favourite Angel.

And we had hair flying everywhere!

That’s all folks!

The dance gave way to the start of the Historics and boy did they thunder down the back straight. The lead cars were every bit as powerful as the V8s but they just didn’t have the ability to stop all that well.

I loved this 911. It rode the corners flat, virtually.

Even when the wheels are welded to the body, Falcons will have body roll.

Trophy girls.

No, seriously, they were girls with a trophy, as Jimmy adeptly demonstrated

Trophy girls, again.

Alex Davison is in a factory Ford this year, but he’s not going all that well…

Did someone say Utegate?

I wonder if the inquiry was told about the optional extras the ute came with.

Jimmy and I were headed back to the pits when we came across the DSG girls taking their own photos. Naturally, we stepped into help.

Coulthard coming out of the pits.

Frosty lead Brighty as they formed up the grid.

By the end of the first lap however, Davison has blasted into lead thanks to the super soft tyres he had left over after his disastrous first race.

Coutney got by Frosty.

Richo had to pit early having been pushed onto the dirt at Snake Gully.

On the way back to the pits, we stopped by the Jack Daniels truck.

Courtney coming into the pits.

Tim Slade in the same spot.

Frosty came in after progressively losing spots. It was another disappointing showing from the FPR guys.

Whincup was also a bit dull.

The cars build up speed nicely over the back straight.

Jason Richards could not pull all that speed up though and off he went to play in the sand.

Davison blasting by D’Alberto.

Lowndes was lead Triple Eight car.

Van Gisbergen was quick, but not consistent.

We head back into the pits, but said hi to the pizza girls again.

The Historics guys were packing up so I got to get in for clear shots of the Porsche.

These must have been from the Greg Keene collection.

The orange Porsche was my pick of the Historics.

Jimmy’s Falcon Sprint was definitely second.

The Armorall girl was spread over a Harley as the race approached and end.

The Triple Eight boys were ready to receive Lowndesy as he was rounding up the last few corners.

Frosty’s car died after crossing the finish line.

Davison won the Sunday race by virtue of having the super soft tyres. The weird part of all this is that given this year’s stupid scoring system, he gets a win even though other guys accumulated more points that weekend. Lowndesy was second and Rusty came in third.

The top three as they were brought back to the pits.

These two got to hand over the beer that was sprayed on the podium.

Rusty’s car was getting packed away.

Lowndesy’s car was rolled away as well.

The race might have been done and dusted, but it was time again to visit the Angels.

Ebony and Michelle showing why they are so good.

Happy girl.


And the whole thing was brought to us by a company that sounds like a dodgy property developer…

And one last one for you, Mr. Comino.

Now, don’t forget to add Bathurst to your calendar. The TV gets switched on at 6am on the morning of the 11th of October. And who’s coming to SuperGP with me at the end of October?


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