V8SC, Qld Raceway, Saturday
22nd August 2009

I had a remarkably smooth run into to Queensland Raceway this year for the local round of the V8 Supercar championship. Once I got through the gates, the first task was to check out the Ford teams. First cab off the rank was Triple Eight Race Engineering. This is Craig Lowndes’ car as it was getting prepped up for practice.

The GFO had definitely affected the crowd numbers this year.

After dropping in on the current champions, my next destination was to my team’s garage. Unfortunately, Ford Performance Racing have got an ugly paintjob this year on both their cars. Richo’s car in particular is very awkward.

Frosty’s car is a little better, but no where near as stunning as his 2007 Cobra scheme.

Being the only other team officially being backed by Ford this year, I thought SBR were worth a visit too. They’re set up was not anywhere near as flash as it has been in the recent past.

The first Supercheap car being sent to the holding area.

The Dick Johnson Racing cars were right behind.

This year’s Jim Beam paint job was quite spectacular.

Craig’s car on its way.

Whincup’s car was right behind Craig’s.

Richo’s really yucky looking car.

Frosty’s Ford.

Murph’s car getting the push back.

These girls were off to the Bathurst 24-Hour next year. Anyone else going?

The Bigpond girls added a dash of blue.

The spring and damper set up on a Formula Ford.

I’ve driven a 1600 and this one would definitely go my Cool Wall

The RS Porsche would be a Sub-Zero.

These girls were spruiking the benefits of running on ethanol. The V8s were on E85 this year and the exhaust fumes smelt sweeter than the year before.

I spent a bit of time at the historics’ pit before the V8s began their practice session. Jim Richards’ Falcon Sprint was a major attraction.

Doesn’t that just look beautiful?

Another gorgeous 911.

A proper Porsche is an air-cooled Porsche. The rest are just are just pretenders.

Jamie Whincup setting sail for qualifying.

These girls wanted you to set sail on the 2010 V8 Supercruise.

My hero!

Thank you Rod Nash Racing...

Ford milked the Triple Eight defection to the red side for all that it was worth.

Westies for as far as the eyes could see. The crowd surrounded the track for start of qualifying.

My low opinion of Murph as a driver was reinforced by his bulldozing work in the gravel trap.

Whincup was too quick for my camera.

God that car looks ugly.

Whincup round off the back straight.

Alex Davison cruising by the same spot.

Big brother Will (Davison)spearing off into the sand.

Frosty was quick all day and went on to grab the pole position.

Qualifying done and dusted...

One by one, the four HRT cars were returned to their garages.

The Rick Kelly machine coming back.

How’s that for an angry look. The new cars just don’t look as racy as this old Mustang.

The DSG girls certainly looked racy.

Not as easily distracted, Richo was in the pits keeping an eye on things.

Another 911.

Something told me that the exhaust system wasn’t from the ’70s.

The Alfa mechanics seemed to be less busy.

I quite understand all the variation in tyre groove patterns when touring cars and V8Supercars have been using the following pattern since I have been watching motorsport.

I headed back to the XXXX Retreat for one of the many XXXX Angels shows on during the day.

The back end of the Triple Eight Race Engineering trailer was always popular with the crowd hoping to score a Lowndesy or Whincup autograph.

The teams use a variety of prime movers- Kenworths, Volvos and Ivecos to name a few...

The now infamous prime mover used in K-Rudd’s campaigns.

The main feature of the merchandising alley is always Dim’s diecast store.

Brand spanker of a Ford 1600cc engine set up to be used in a Formula Ford chassis.

The Jim Beam girls were out and about mingling with the crowd.

The Jim Beam cars, on the other hand, were back in the garages getting prepped up for the race.

And one can’t for get the other half of the bourbon battle...

Or their girls.

This car belonged to Greg Keene, but was driven by his female proxy.

The Fujitsu girls didn’t require stand-ins though.

DNF- The Formula 3 guys were part of the warm up act to the main race but these were much quicker than the V8 Supertaxis.

The sports car race was on next, but was far too short for me to work out who won.

The start of the race was brilliant. One of the HRT cars was out with accident damage. It’s ALWAYS a good race if one or more HRT cars DNF.

van Gisbergen looked racy, but steadily went backwards.

I had a ball watching Whincup blast past the backmarkers once he worked though his pitstops.

Ditto for Brighty who was actually showing some speed now that he was in an FG.

The battle at the front was once again between Whincup and Courtney.

Bright’s bright green FG.

Richo was sandwiched by the Supercheap cars towards the end of the race.

Whincup with one corner to go before winning.

Triple Eight went though a lot of oil for that win. The sister Lowndes car did not finish due to an engine failure...


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