Karen's Steamboat
4th April 2009

First, there was one wonton…

Then there was a whole plate of them! We were at Karen’s Mum’s place for the session of steamboat that had been in the planning for months and months.

Oh yeah, the wontons were pumped out by Karen and Jaswinder.

Fergy was in charge of pumping other stuff. He did such a good job that he forgot to take the leftover bit back home.

Jahyn and James.

Kevin only looks scary. In any case, Gayle didn’t seem too fussed.

We had good collection of bits and pieces to dunk into the steamboat.

And we needed all these things to fish the bits back out again.

The seating order revolved around the boy.

First fills- Karen had to load up the pot as it built up heat.

The steamboat featured a clear soup. For those wanting something more, there was also a bowl with the last little bits of Kuching laksa broth that Karen had left.

It was hectic to my left…

It was about the same on the right too.

Going for thirds and fourths didn’t feel so bad when little bowls were involved.

Fergy was voted the digger-outerer as he was the closest to the steamboat.

All done! I laid my chopsticks to rest after not being able to put anything more into the belly.

Gayle made a fancy fruit platter to keep the tropical Asian theme going.

Everyone then was too full to play with the boy so he broke out his DS. Those he suspected would mess up his high scores were barred from playing it.

Anyone want dessert? Karen slapped together a fantastic dinner and I think I had a three hour nap to get over it all before I finally made it back home.

We’ll need to follow it up Ms Lee!


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