Cobb & Co. Trip
2nd January 2009

Bright and early- I had Andy and Shifty breaking out of their holiday modes by getting them to breakfast at 0730. We had a road trip to do!

(Self-)designated driver. The GTI only had a few more days left in Brisbane, so I guess I am in the middle of a long kiss goodbye.

The trip to Toowoomba usually seems to take forever; in an average car that is… We got there in a blink of an eye. Our final destination was the Cobb & Co. museum.

The only problem was that because I had the boys up so early, we got to into town an hour before anything was open, including the museum. It was time to put into action another Gunny Guides tour!

The first stop was the windmill display by the local TAFE college.

The botanical gardens were next.

In all of Toowoomba, this was the only patch of flowers left now that the season has ended.

This old girl saw duty in the British Navy.

Going for the Middle Eastern look.

Someone was about to lose their phone line. We crossed the gardens and headed towards town centre.

A mixture of old English and a Queenslander.

This could have been a church once upon a time.

There weren’t any really tall buildings in town. The Heritage Building Society modern tower looked out of place amongst the ye olde buildings making up the bulk of the CBD.

The courthouse was the standout building.

After doing the round of the local shops, it was time to see a bit of the past.

The only thing more interesting than old things are miniature versions of old things.

Beer from a less raunchy era- the original offereing from Casltemaine Perkins.

Miniature tools.

We did the tour of the display cases first before winding up in the main showroom.

Yesteryear’s equivalent of a 40 foot trailer.

Delivery cart.

What they delivered main in before Ford made the Transit van.

leaf springs springing leaf springs.

Can we cry over crashed milk?

It must have been the whitewall wheels, but I quite liked the way this one looked.

That’s me with the boss.

More conventional looking suspension.

Vehicle immobiliser.

An all iron chassis.

This carriage took in all the major shopping centres in Bribane.

I wonder if you could go the Brembo option on the brakes back then.

Would you classify this as a delaminated tyre?

The chassis on this thing was bloody complicated.

Up on the range- it was a good thing that we had forced induction on the car.

The homeward journey took in the old Cobb & Co. route down the range.

I got a few mementos from the trip, but the carriage on the left had special meaning.

I was given an identical carriage (now painted in gold) by my Jikka when I was ten-years old. I had my eyes on it during my trips to Kuala Lipis back in the late ’80s and I finally managed to guilt her into parting with it prior to my emigration in 1991.


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