Oran Park Farewell - Sunday
7th December 2008

Orright, now where did we leave off? Oh!, thatís right, it was Sunday and it was time to hit the track again. I had just gotten off the M5 and about to get onto Camden Valley Way when I noticed this Tarago in front of me. I didnít think much of it first, but then the yellow shirt draped over the rear left hand side seat drew my attention. It was a XXXX Angels shirt. I was right behind the bus carrying the lovely ladies!

Once on track, there was no time to lose; I was running late anyway, so I got to the pits when the teams were getting ready for the 2nd V8 Supercar race. Weíre in GRMís garage here.

One of the Tasman cars was missing its chin.

The left front tyre to one of the FPR cars.

Some people would rather push a Holden than drive a Ford. This gorgeous A9X didnít make the start of the golden oldies demonstration run, obviously.

I quite liked the stance of the old Brock VC.

The Colind Bond L34 from 1974.

Setonís 1997 championship winner.

Did I mention that I love this car?

I bumped into the very Fujitsu looking Brighty just as I was making my way out of the pits.

Parked next to some early Australian Touring Car Championship Porsches was John Gossís XA GT which he won Bathurst with Kevin Bartlett in 1974.

How tough does that look?

I then headed to the back of the control tower. The Formula Fords were buzzing about, but with the crowd building there, I figured that something must have been up.

I think this guy wonÖ

There was a groundswell of promo chix and as I had suspected, a presentation was taking place.

Grant Johnson picked up the first of the consolation prizes for the V8 BRute series.

Ice White got the second dibs. He had a miserable year. Good thing he drives a Holden.

Now onto the champion- Leyton Cranbrook took out the BRutes this year in his Mothers sponsored Falcon.

The round podium getters getting sloshed.

The perfect start- Triple Eight Race Engineering had their cars start off the front row courtesy of their 1-2 finish with Whincup and Lowndes from the Saturday race.

Tander was back a row alongside Courtney.

The FPR beast of Richards was on the third row next to Rustyís Commodore.

The DBA girls crossed flags on their way back to the BRutes paddock.

Frosty approaching the last turn.

Lowndesy doing the same.

Tander had gone into the lead after Whincup busted a diff and Lowndes made a miserable start.

Will this be the last time we see Junior in his Dadís team? Either way, the performance wasnít as good as the way the car looked.

HRT had slapped together a tribute ute for Skaifey to go greet his fans before the start of the final race.

Rusty had a bit of pace, so the Supercheap team were glued to their man.

Car 88 won the championship for Team Triple Eight in 2008. Thereís a nice ring to that, no?

Dumbrell busted a bit of his car.

The Care Flight and Gulf Western girls got friendly.

I then headed to the Aussie Racers paddock to check out what was new.

Never have I seen an Aurion look that sexy.

So Telstra does have the best coverageÖ

The Tint-a-Car girls were proud of their manís Fujitsu Series winning effort.

What you wear when youíre too hot.

All was not happy in the HRT pits as Skaifey was forced to retire from the second race with a Holden, err, I mean busted car.

Tander won the second race and Richards brought the FPR Ford home in second. The Triple Eight guys had a shocker. With that and the dark clouds building up above, I hit the road to watch the third race from the comfort of my bed.

The Angels were on track before the final race of the yearÖ

Tander won the round, Skaife finished up 12th in his final championship race and Paul Morris was again inconspicuous, but the celebrations featured only one manÖ

And when it was all done and dusted, I met up with two old mates, D-O-C and Prathab. We wound up in Mumbai (situated conveniently somewhere in North Sydney) and the ending was typical of a true Bollywood movie, over the top and went on for ever. How D-O-C rescued the last few bottles of beer, I will never know. It was a memorable evening gents!

That brings to a close the motorsport calendar for 2008. I canít wait for March so that we can start the ride once again!


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