CRC Mining Christmas Bowls
28th November 2008

After a massive Christmas party effort from 2007 with the gokarts and all, the 2008 party was always going to be a much lower key affair. The gang from the west again congregated in the now familiar hunting ground of New Farm for a round bowls to bring to a close yet another year.

Young Gazza and Sevda.

The pulsed jetters- Joj, Sam and Cristian.

Mizz Nash with Baby Scotty, one of the latest CRC Mining babies.

It must be all very Third Reich at the mech building. Here we got Reidy and Charlie.

Ben must have thought that the Colonel was a dentist.

Before long the theme for this year’s party was unveiled- we were in the midst of a financial crisis!

As from two years ago, this boat was floating about in the background. Unlike 2006, Marky-Mark wasn’t around to challenge anyone to swim up to the boat and climb the mast butt naked for $100.

Once lunch was downed, it was time to hit the greens and show off our sporting prowess.

I was in Team Freddie Mac and our CEO was the sinister-looking Juan. A few of the board members, Gazza, Alicia and Ariel all disappeared as soon as the lunch plates were cleared.

Paul was part of Rudd’s Rescue Package, but we were still on top after our first showdown.

Demon didn’t change his drinking habits after the crash.

Andy, on the other hand, wasn’t taking things as calmly.

Jackie was the first to stretch out on the lawn after arsing her way to this bowl.

Who was the prat, Ms. Nash?

They might as well have been cannon balls the way Reidy took to them.

Mark and Waugey stood around and modelled sunglasses.

Dingo obviously hadn’t forgotten how it was done, having not played for two years.

Team Freddie Mac- Juan, me and Gus.

Competitive? Me? What would have given you that idea? Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t this the closest anyone got all day?

OK, back to the financial crisis- Andy was onto his second bucket.

Al, on the other hand, literally jumped on board the Demon all-is-calm bandwagon.

Orright, let’s see who is winning…

Was it Al? Nope, Jackie had a whole heap of gaffe awards as the curtain raiser to the announcement of the winners.

Laufy won the best dressed, but I was too slow on the camera to capture him receiving a white bolwer’s hat, which looked remarkably similar to the one he already had.

Cris and I got the slam dunk award for the most corporate Christmas parties attended during the festive season.

Jackie got the Prima Donna award after her sexy posing on the lawn.

And the winners were… Greenspan’s Bubble. Fitting then that they received all the bubbly.

Not being content with taking out the bowls for the second time, Dingo needed to get in on the gaffe awards too. He got an RACQ membership for his efforts in locking his keys in the work truck in the middle of nowhere.

For the first time, a new category was developed to recognise colleagues who’ve, either individually or in collaboration, managed to bugger up something. I have the pleasure of introducing the Not So Smart Cap!

There were two equally deserving winners this year. Bart got one for reversing over a laptop and Gazza got one for using a 44-gal drum as a forklift tyre.

Andy got to pass on his panic award from last year to Marky who managed to get himself locked into the same shed as Andy did last year.

Pete got the instant Brazilian award for showing up to Brazil without a valid visa.

And just when Jackie thought that there were no more employees to be honoured, out popped Andy with a special presentation.

Jackie was presented with the front page of the Australian newspaper from the 8th of February 2008.

Check out the bottom left…

That looks sneakily like two pieces of burnt raisin bread!

She also scored personalised matches and a wee tiny fire engine. The budget didn’t stretch to get the fireman package as well though…

And on that bombshell, I would like to finish with something that all parties should finish with… Thoughts of a Brazilian.

Kash, would that make Orientals Brazilians too?


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