Border Ranges Cruise
13th September 2008
It was all so quiet and peaceful at the Garden City shopping centre. The boys had all decided to change the 0730 meeting time to 0800 instead.

One by one, the all managed to roll in. Kev was in after brekky.

Once were were fuelled up, it was time to fuel up the cars. From this angle, Daktarr Saar’s car actually looked clean!

Andy was getting serious with the set up of his car, trimming a few pounds off the tyre pressure.

It was a peaceful cruise to the horse studs east of Mt Lindsay.

This particular stretch of a side road did prove tempting though.

We were held up behind tourists in their stupid four wheel drives for much of journey along Lions Road.

Daktarr Saar as he stepped into NSW territory.

Hold on, I thought we were meant to be in Kansas...

The last of the little hills before we started our climb.

I never knew cows drove cars these days!

There’s only one way to find out if a car handles!

Our next stop was at Cougal.

We checked out the loop of rail used to transport timber back in the day.

There was a loop of walking trail too.

Chui Ming would have loved this…

Note the shiny state of the Andy-mobile at this particular moment in time.

Pretty soon, we were off the bitumen and headed further up the ranges. Choman, Jason, your cars would have been perfect for the roads.

Andy hounded Daktarr Saar through the trees.

Time for another break. Once we were 15km into the trek, it was time to pull over and do some sightseeing.

Is that dust on your car, Andy?

The GTI looked good with the rally badge of honour-mud.

The MPS was the lead car for most of the day didn’t cop as much dirt.

How do we get to the Pinnacle Lookout?

What does this remind you off? Any OBGs in the house?

When we got to the lookout, the view was blocked by this…

Mt. Warning.

Blackbutt lookout.

We momentarily lost Andy on the run to Uki.

Daktarr Saar’s belly was making weird noises, so we pulled into the first pub we saw. Andy’s burger with the lot was nearly bigger than him!

Daktarr Saar and the fisherman’s basket.

We then cruised on down the road until we hit Mur’bah. Here’s what we saw from Lions Lookout.

The town was geared up for the Speed on the Tweed event.

I know that this might look bad, but that’s just steam coming out of the sugar mill’s stack.

We were soon on the M1 and Daktarr Saar started to chase down the MPS.

The MPS was now down on power since the detuning done by Mazda a few months ago. I could not match the explosive acceleration of the GTI

And when the dust settled at the end of the day, Andy’s RS got the jnr rally car award!

Where will we be off to next, fellas?


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