It's not a Birthday Party
20th July 2008

Soo rounded up a bunch of us at her place around about lunch time on Sunday. We al had to meet waaaay up in the sky for a birthday party that wasnít a birthday party.

And what did we find once we got waaaay up there? Yeap, a Sri Lankan Tamil!

The plan was to check out the Tibetan place on Brunswick St, but it was closed.

As was the Spanish Tapas Bar that Karen really, really liked.

After walking around in circles for a while, we gave into the girls and agreed on Mexican

Etch-a-Sketch Karen did not mind either. The menu might look big and full of choices, but Karen managed to order exactly what she didnít want. But it was interesting.

The birthday girl had first dibs on the sangria.

And Wil and Daktarr Saar thought it tasted ok too.

After a long discussion about storks and things of that nature, we all resolved to have some water/coffee/tea and cake. Daktarr Saar, you need to get more Indian eyes, man.

Last one up is a rotten egg!

Soo had this up on her lounge room wall.

And guess what one saw when one poked their head out to the balcony?

RIVER FIRE!!! í008 is going to be great!

Therapy couch- we then sat around sipping away liquid stuff doing group relationship therapy. Naturally Daktarr Saar, as the only non-single person, got too many uncomfortable stares from the rest of us and had to leave.

Happy birthday Soo!

Jazzy, Kash, Chui Ming, kenapa tak datang?


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