13th May 2008

Hey Kuruvi, Kuruvi adichaaa…

Yeap! I’ve found my trance song. I has been so long since I did this. Try and decode a song, I mean. I think the last song was Aaraa Raama from Thiruvilaiyaadal.

Jeeps and I went and saw namma Thalaivar’s Thamizh Puthaandu releasu, Kuruvi over the weekend. I can’t believe that this is only the fourth time I’ve had the opportunity to see Vijay on the big screen.

The second song in the movie takes place after our heroes wind up in KL on a flying courier mission (hence the name Kuruvi). They mess up a club, and then gatecrash a New Year party…

So throw in Vijay’s presence, Yogi B & Natchatra’s sound, Sunidhi’s voice and Trisha’s tegap legs and you gotta pretty memorable song.

Happy New Year
Are you’ll ready for the countdown?
Ladies and Gentlemen, Players and Hustlers…
5…4…3…2…1…Happy New Year

Dengar dengarlah cerita si gadis, jejakanya di cari di sini,
Mukanya comel, badannya tegap, suara dan matanya di hati..

Avan thedi thedi alaiyuran orukule,
Desperado girl hunting her maapilai,
Rendu kangalai mattum nee parthuputei,
(bla bla bla…) vadivelanai…
Ewah ewah ewah ewah!

Tananeh tanthananeh tanthananeh tanthanah….
Tananeh tanthananeh tanthananeh thanenah… (x 2)

Ketta paiyan ketta paiyan,
Kanne pole vantha paiyan,
En manase sutte puttan,
U know? U know? U know? U know?
Rombe rombe ketta piayan,
Round-adika vitte paiyan,
Kandupidi enge irukkan….
U know? (x 3)

Yah yah….

(Missing crap lines)
Avan kangalai parthen, koralai keaten,
Asadu vetchen, oh manasu tetchevan,
Singa kutty, sutha thanga katti, sollu ponna

Tananeh tanthananeh tanthananeh tanthanah….
Tananeh tanthananeh tanthananeh thanenah

Pretty girl searching for her boy,
Gila-gila crazy,
Will she ever find, we will never know,
Love him so easy

Anda kah kasam, kasam,
Abu kah hukum, hukum,
Manthirathai-putte paatu
U know? (x 3)

Season thorakka villai,
Singam kedaikavillai..
Yaaravan engge irukkan
U know? (x 3)

Tamizh penne
Nittukku pachai sutthum,
Kuruvi kottum, aruvi paatta,
Utchi pola parakum, Athu nenatchu
Jothi kedatcha kannele kattiko,
Vaikasi vedi vedicha!
Theeratha vilayathu pillai avan,
Adavum kannamoochi, thanggame thangam (x 2)
Gelek, gelek!

Tananeh tanthananeh tanthananeh tanthanah….
Tananeh tanthananeh tanthananeh thanenah

Dia tu takde kerja lain lah, asyik nak cari pakwe je,
Seriyana loose poale,
Tension, ey macam mana le ni…
Ippo puruvom..purre(x 3)
Dance for me, Tamizha dance for me, taarigithathom…
Dance for me, I’m gonna make,
Kuthu dance for me,
All day go, party time! All come dance for me
One more time, aatam podu

Athiri puthiri aatchu lah,
En gavanam sethiri potchu lah,
Avanai parthu adathu nimisham,
Ninnu poachi moochu lah!

Oore ketkule,
Seriya parkule,
Sorithu potte sozhi poale sozhenu ninnen lah

Rap… (just too fast for me to decode)

Tananeh tanthananeh tanthananeh tanthanah….
Tananeh tanthananeh tanthananeh thanenah


I love the bits where they got the girls going round and round on the Berjaya Times Square helipad!

And yes, the Southside will be booming with this just as soon as I get my hands on the CD.


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